About Step International


The home for girls – “Step International Girls Home” – in Kathmandu, Nepal, is the result of a long time friendship between a Nepali family and a Swedish family.

Since the beginning of December 2008, Step International Girls Home is open. The first two girls moved in at the time of the opening and today there are nine girls living at this home for girls; Srijana, Samjhana, Mina, Rista, Yuta, Smitri, Kabita, Kalpana and Guddu. Using our different skills and experiences, together we have a unique opportunity to make a difference!


Our intention is not only to provide a shelter, but also – and even more important - to provide a secure place which gives solace. Our aim is to attain this with competent and loving care takers. Our goal is for Step International Girls Home to give girls an opportunity to live in a homely atmosphere with lots of love and laughter.

We strongly believe that education is very important and all the girls go to Shova Bhagawati English School in Kathmandu. Providing the girls with a good education, gives them the most important tool for a better and independent future; not only for the girls themselves, but also for their future families.


The foundation ”Insamlingsstiftelsen Barnhemmet Sofia” in Sweden is responsible for the fund-raising, while the organisation “Step International Girls Home“ in Nepal is responsible for the process in Nepal.

The Swedish foundation was registered at ”Länsstyrelsen i Skåne län” on the 29th of February 2008 by Sofia and Christian Lindblom. The foundation is under Swedish government supervision and the organisation number is 802425-7845.

The Nepali organisation was registered at the Government of Nepal under the District Administration (DAO), Kathmandu on the 20th of November 2008 by Rajeev Singhania. The organisation is under Nepali authority supervision and the registration number is 514.

As written in the Swedish fund-raising foundations charter, the original document, this is a non-profit organisation. No payments are received and no administrative costs exist. Therefore, we can guarantee that 95% of the funds from Sweden are going straight to Step International Girls Home in Nepal.

We receive contributions from private people, organisations and companies. Both smaller and larger amounts – all equally important! However, the core of our funding, is our sponsors, with whom we have signed long time contracts to support Step International Girls Home. Due to these sponsor contracts, we have secured the fund-raising not only this year, but also the coming years.

The companies that sponsor Step International Girls Home today are:
Me & I, Moll Wendén Advokatbyrå, Lindqvist Bygg, Nallebudet, Global Pen, Nordea, Elektrobladh, NetatOnce, Montage & Demontage, Konstnär Ulla Bolin, Quick-Set, Delex, PreVox, Lions International in Löddeköpinge, Moa , Lingua Montessoriförskolor and Acta Kapitalförvaltning.